Rosetta Marie Parker - Continued

"So, Rosetta Parker. How ya been?" Kylie exclaimed, her frizzy hair bouncing as she walked toward me.

I sucked in a breath, "Fine."

"Good, I have a suprise." She ran off toward the pier dissapearing from sight as she jumped into the salty water.

Ha, two can play that game.

I sprited to the edge, tore off my shirt to reveal a brown flowery bikini top and tossed my clothing to the side. I jumped and twirled.

I hit the water, splashing Kyles in the face.

"Meanie, you suck!" She screamed swatting at me with her fingers.

"Yeah, like you'll ever catch me!" My arms pushed at the water at the water as I dove.


I came up for water, looking around to see where Kylie was and how far behind me she was. I glanced at the pier. The ferris wheel looking huge to the girl with the secret.

A whistle sounded out from the dock, boys.

"Hey girlie. What you doing there all alone?"

I pointed toward Kylie and they truned back to whatever it was they were doing. I started sinking and I remembered to kick my feet.

I kicked them again and again, but to no avail. I sunk to the bottom of the ocean. The water whooshing past my face.

My feet hit rock bottom and I pushed up. I was going up! But my moment of relief was to good to last. I hadn't pushed hard enough. I sank back to the bottom. I was horribly in trouble. Big trouble. I screamed, but my voice wouldn't come. Not that anyone would hear my sound from the pier. Maybe Ky. No, she wouldn't here.

Crap,I was doomed. The girl with cancer was doomed.


The End

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