Current Secrets

Rosetta Marie Parker

I doubled over in pain. Blood streaming through my lips. I coughed, more splattering Kyle's porch.

My throat ached and my stomach felt like it was going to blow up, or worse explode. Vomit poured up my neck, I pushed my hair out of my face and held it up (It was the only part of me I could move), and let it go.

Why now? Why me? Those were the only thoughts as I layed in my pile of blood and vomit. Everything went black.


"What's that?" I pointed to the screen.

I sat in the hospital, propped on an all white bed, my pillow freshly fluffed behind me. I had come here on my own accord, demanding to know what was the matter with me. Kylie didn't know I was here, after all she thought I was at home with a bad case of the flu. But that still didn't explain my accident yesterday, so knowing Kyles, she would be suspicious soon enough.

"Well, Rosetta, that there I do not know." The nurse explained, her soft face telling more than her words.

"Then why am I here? Will you at least tell me that?" My silk voice sounding harsh.

Her face was blank. Telling no emotions. But I knew she had to know something, after all she was a nurse.


"What??" I shouted loud, I was sure the next room could here. I didn't care, nobody would know what we were talking about anyway, and besides most of the patients here were unconscious or "being worked on."

"Rosie, I've knoen you for years. I've known your mom even longer. I know you're tough as a cheetah, I know you can handle this." Mrs. Marson's face crunched into pain. "Rose, dear, you've been diagnosed with cancer."

The words hit me with such force, I wanted to cough blood, again. Why me? I repeated.

I was just a girl, a soon to be softmore girl, who had her own troubles. Who had a best friend, who's shoulder she cried on. I was just a blonde girl, a regular girl. It didn't have to be me. It chose me. Me..

The End

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