Before It Began

Kylie Leah Hayde

July 16th

I remember the shock of cold water on my chest, and on my face, and the shock on Rosie's face, and all of it is bundled together in my mind like a blanket of faded warmth.

Two flying leaps and I dove off the pier, my body flipping gracefully through the air as it slid between the waves. My arms and legs rocketed me back to the surface and I emerged, giggling and sputtering, pushing the curtain of sopping hair from my face.

"C-c'mon," my teeth chattered against eachother as I hugged my bare breasts beneath the shroud of black water. "It's--great--"

Rosie was laughing too, doubled over at the edge of the dock. The sky above her was a deep, royal blue, speckled all over with brilliant white stars. "Gawd, Kyles," she began, "I'm not going to--"

My hand whipped out of the water, lightning fast, and jerked her ankle. A second later Rose was in the water too, splashing me between outraged cries. "I HATE you, Kylie Hayde!" She screamed. "I hate you!"

The water felt great against my bare skin, lifting me up and down as the tide rose and fell under the full moon. "Ohhhh, this is the life," I sang, bobbing up and down and dodging Rose's angry swats. "Evening picnics...midnight swims...watching the boys play volleyball on the beach...I'm so glad you moved in just down the street, Rose. This is going to be the best summer ever."

"I hope so," Rose laughed, wiggling out of her bikini top.

The End

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