This journal collection is based off of Naughty Dog's video game, The Last of Us. These are the documenting a twelve year old's struggle with living in an apocolyptic country with nothing but the clothes on his back and his older brother to help him survive. (Note: these are not original characters, simply creating background stories that the original game does not provide).

In early 2013, the United States experienced an outbreak of Cordyceps, a parasitic virus that engulfs the victim's brain, taking it over and transforming him or her into a zombie-like creature. Those who have met the fate of the cordycep virus are known as "Infected."

The Infected

There are three distinctive types of Infected; the first type are called Runners. Runners are those who have been recently infected and behave as any stereotypical zombie would; they chase down those who aren't infected with one goal: tear them to shreds.

The second type of infected are called Clickers. After several months or even a few years of infection, the fungus has time to escape the brain cavity and grow all over the victim's head and eyes. This growth renders a Clicker's sight useless, but enhances its hearing. Similar to the way bats see in the dark, Clickers, as their name implies, emit a clicking noise in order to get a grasp of their surroundings. Make the slightest noise around a clicker, and it will come running for you.

The third, and most dangerous, type of Infected are known as Bloaters. Bloaters are a result of several years of infection; the fungus has completely engulfed the victim's body, creating an armor-like layer that offers strong protection. Bloaters, like Clickers, are unable to see and rely on their hearing for survival. But if a Bloater hears you, it will not run after you. Instead, if a bloater senses you are near, it will break off a piece of its own fungus-infested body and hurl it at you, causing an explosion which results in a cloud of infectious spores. Inhaling the spores is one of two ways that a person can become infected. Another is a bite from any Infected.

The Fireflies

In order to protect citizens from the Infected, the US Government ordered the construction of Quarantine Zones in major US cities at the beginning of the outbreak. Because of the power of the Government in these Zones, paranoia and government corruption arose. FEDRA troops made false, brutal accusations that citizens were infected and held back on distributing the food rations to the Quarantine Zones. In order to combat this corruption, a revolutionary militia group named The Fireflies were formed. The goal of the Fireflies is to return the branches of the US government and put an end to the military oppression. The Fireflies are currently losing the war against the government, but have not dwindled in their quest to bring hope back to the United States citizens, and, more importantly, their search for a cure of the cordycep virus.

The Boy from Hartford

These are journal excerpts from Sam, a boy born 8 years into the infectious outbreak in the Quarantine Zone in Hartford, Connecticut. Sam and his older brother Henry are struggling for survival, and seeking a new means of hope. Sam, being just a child, relies on his brother to keep him safe and sane during this difficult period of time. Henry notices that Sam is internalizing his feelings, and decides that his younger brother needs a healthy way to express his thoughts and deal with his personal struggles. Henry's solution is providing Sam with a small notebook and a handful of pens, and telling him to document his feelings. Though he personally sees no value in this exercise, Sam reluctantly agrees, and beginning in July of 2033, Sam keeps his own personal hell on record.

The End

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