The smell is desirable beyond comparison

Whilst looking around, I saw no human activity. I'm sure I don't smell that bad, but I suppose everyone to themselves. I had to admit I can smell something tasty. Perhaps I was next to a baker's shop, a good baker's shop.

I rambled into my pocket and began checking for any spare change, but I couldn't find any; I blame the drink for my misfortune. I guess I should check out the smell though. I clamber myself up - brushing my trousers as I do so - and make my way for the outside street.

It is cloudy today, as though it is about to rain. Nah, I don't think it will. I continue sniffing the air, the lustrous smell getting closer. I looked around as quickly as possible. That drink did me something better then a high; I can see things so clearly, so beautifully.

The smell edged as close as I was ever going smell it. So close I could almost touch it, then I heard her.

The End

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