Present: Day 74 - StagnationMature

A hail of gunfire. Then nothing.

She swept a strand of red hair away from her face, tucking it back into the loose bun on the top of her head. Her hair would have to go soon, it was starting to get in the way again. She looked around, the alleyway was clear, short of a few corpses here and there. She approached each of the mangled bodies and smashed the skull in, just to make sure, She reassured herself. She wasn't crazy. She wasn't a sociopath. She approached a smaller body, staring at it. It was a girl, maybe 9 or 10.  The same age as her sister had  been when it hit. She felt her sinuses convulse as she struck the final corpse in the alleyway. The dead-dead...

"Come on A" her friend whisped into the alleyway, grabbing her by the wrist. Even though she wore heeled biker boots, her friend stood about four inches taller then she. She followed closely, only allowing herself to glance back once at the petite, bleeding figure in the corner of the enclosure. She could swear the little girl was looking at her. The little dead girl was looking at her... Her jaw was no longer attached with flesh, revealing a gaping, tooth smile. She turned away, following her friend, the black hair in front of her bouncing up an down with every step.

H had always been a more conventional dresser then A. Jeans, a loose t-shirt. Maybe a cardigan. Her hair was always pulled into a long ponytail that hung to just below her waist. She had explained to A, that before the incident she had worn a hijab -- a means of honouring God and be modest. A concept which she had given up on since. Although H remained traditional in many ways, not exposing her legs or arms, the hijab had been the first thing to go. It was rare they ever encountered anyone who counted, so what was the point?

A glanced down at her clothing choice for today as she climbed into the passenger side of the Honda Civic which they were calling theirs for the time.  Soon enough it would run out of gas and they would leave it on the side of the road like so many car before. H put the car into gear and they were off again. They were driving down Bank Street from the downtown quarters to where they had made their stay -- their old high school on Alta Vista -- Ridgemont High School. They turned off of Bank and down Alta Vista, turning sharply into the parking lot behind the school. The parked the car where they usually did -- behind the dumpster so it would look like no one was home. They always entered through the loading dock of the auditorium because it didn't boarder on the road, or worse.. the open field behind the school. Having your entarances exposed was never a good plan.

Before entering the loading dock, A scanned the downstairs windows making sure they were all still boarded with plywood. A break in or a weak spot was never safe. She entered the modified loading dock, which was now a sort of turret. There was the wide entry way, then the loft where they kept watch. There were signals and signs that they existed, but so far there were no visitor. When answering the door, one of them always had to be armed -- in case a high functioning... thing... were to show up at their door.

M lowered his gun and came down from the loft to greet them. A smiled at his newly cut hair "Got busy while we were gone, I see" she said, running her hair through his chopped off hair.  M smiled "Yeah..." he ran his hand through his hair "N did it for me". H looked around awkwardly as though she were interrupting something. "Where's N now?" H splurged, walking towards the backstage of the school's auditorium.

The End

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