“Don’t you… remember me?” Robert choked out as his vision blurred and throat tightened with grief. He had never experienced so much pain in his life, and a few seconds later was blacked out on the ground.

 A week later, an army platoon came through the shopping plaza with armed soldiers ready to fire and protect their van. Their mission was to find and rescue any survivors.

“This place really had it bad,” one soldier reported to the drivers and other passengers. They mumbled their agreement as they gazed out at the scene. It looked as though the plaza had turned into a battlefield. There was no sign of movement or life, and the soldiers decided it’d be best to quickly scan through the area and leave.

“This place creeps me out. Everyone be on guard and let’s get this over with.” The van drove down every road and around every corner to check for any signs of life.

“I think this place is empty. Let’s go back and report it – ” the van skidded to a halt. Ahead of them, three zombies stood. Their heads turned to look at them, but they didn’t move towards the soldiers. The boy zombie, who look to be about in his teens, cocked his head quizically, letting his messy mop of brown hair fall into his face. The men raised their weapons but one held up his hand.

“Hold on. They’re not threatening us. They seem peaceful together. Like… a family.” One of the zombies with dirty blonde hair and rumpled red dress took a half step towards them. The soldier who put up his hand gave a signal to the others. The oldest looking creature, who seemed to be about in his forties let out what sounded like a cry of despair, but before he could do anything three shots rang through the crisp, silent, winter air and all three zombies dropped motionless to the ground. The soldier nodded.

“All clear. Let’s get out of here.”

The End

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