Eric and Elizabeth

Robert carefully went back down the staircase and to the door. The alcohol made him intrepid. There was a small, square whole in the door where a window used to be, and Robert could hear the loud, disgruntled moans of the zombies. He was a tall man, and could easily see through the window frame. The group of zombies seemed to stretch on as far as he could see, and Robert sighed realizing he was being too optimistic about his plan to just run past them. Then two zombies caught his eye. One was a boy about as tall as he was with tousled brown hair and glasses and a girl, much shorter with dirty blonde hair. She was wearing a pretty red dress that Robert realized was the same dress Elizabeth was wearing that morning. He didn’t want to believe it, but all logic seemed to be screaming at him inside his mind. These two were Eric and Elizabeth. Maybe I’m a little intoxicated, he tried to convince himself, but inside he knew that those senseless monsters were his children. Tears welled up in his eyes again as he tried to imagine what they and their mother must have gone through. He imagined them sitting down eating brunch together as they talked excitedly about their gifts when suddenly zombies burst through the windows and door, covered in the blood of other innocent people. The Eric and Elizabeth zombies didn’t groan like the rest, though. They simple watched him, almost like they were curious. Maybe they remember me. Somewhere in their brain, seeing me has unleashed some hidden memories and now they’re fighting their inner zombie self to regain control over their bodies. The two were relatively close to the door, and Robert, so overcome with emotion decided he would do the unthinkable. If I open the door for just a few seconds to let them in, surely they’ll know who I am. They would never hurt me. He inched near the door and slowly turned the knob. Eric and Elizabeth moved closer, and Robert concluded that if he just opened the door slightly and pulled them in, everything would be fine.

             Carefully, he inched open the door. Almost immediately, pale and sometimes gory hands slipped through the tiny opening, searching for him. Robert recognized the sparkling pink nail polish Elizabeth almost always wore, and pulled her through, careful to not let anything else in. The zombie stood for a moment, staring at Robert before viciously lashing out and biting him on the arm. Robert yelled out and relinquished his grip on the door, letting in a flood of creatures. Eric was among the first ones in, and also grabbed for his father.

The End

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