How it Began

And that’s how I ended up in this god-forsaken place, Robert thought morosely. Even on Christmas morning the parking lots were packed with people who apparently had no children, loved ones, or friends to spend their holiday with, and went out for all the after-Christmas specials. Robert was tenacious in his efforts to get the cell phones, even in the complete state of anarchy the shopping plaza has fallen into. He wasn’t sure when or how the first zombie appeared. All he knew is that without warning, the mass of people went from casual shoppers to screaming mob, running frantically this way and that. Robert spotted the zombie outside of the local grocery store, and thought it was just a prank until he saw the body lying at its feet, blood spilling out of the woman’s neck. It wasn’t long until the very same woman he believed to be dead stood up and began to attack innocent shoppers. Robert started rushing to his car, joining the chaos. He was shoved out of the way more than once, and each time he dared to glance around to where he had just darted from. The number of monsters was rapidly increasing and his gaze seemed locked on the horror of what was happening behind him.

Car accidents seemed to be popping up everywhere since no one was aware of the rules of the road anymore. All anyone knew was what their instincts were telling them, and what their adrenaline was pushing them to do: get away from the zombies. Without seeing it, Robert tripped over abandoned merchandise and landed in a pile of shattered glass.He winced as he remembered the piercing pain as a shard of windshield was jammed into his leg. He shouted out in pain but no one stood around to help him. Instead Robert gritted his teeth and yanked the glass out, yelling out once more. The mob of people seemed to have thinned out at the shopping plaza at that point. Either the customers had gotten out of the turmoil or they were mindless creatures. Robert remembered finally finding his car, flipped over and underneath a truck, and the sinking feeling in his stomach. The shopping plaza was humongous, the largest in the state of New Hampshire, so he decided to limp after a pair of zombies heading to a rather deserted looking location. That’s what got him to the car dealership he was hiding at now.

Even all this time later, Robert’s leg was still extremely painful and continued bleeding, but to a much lesser extent now. He took the stack of McDonalds napkins and made a slapdash bandage around it. A much louder drone of zombie noises snapped Robert out of his daydream and he glanced over the edge of the car dealership. There was quite a crowd of the beasts gathered around the shop now, and Robert suddenly became aware of the thunderous beating on the door to the stairway.

The air was chillier as evening rapidly approached, and he pulled his leather jacket around him more tightly. To his amazement, as he reminisced, he had picked up the bottle of beer and taken a few swigs of it. Robert’s mind was growing foggy from the alcohol as he tried to think of what he would do. Maybe I could take these planks of wood, light them on fire and throw them over to the gas station next door? Robert turned his gaze to the station, ironically placed next door as if someone knew that it’d have to be blown up one day. No, he thought, shaking his head. I’m not about to kill myself too, if I don’t have to. Maybe the zombies are just outside the building and there’s only one or two pounding on the door. It must be easy enough to knock down something that has absolutely no fighting skills… or common sense for that matter. Then I should be able to run past easily enough. Zombies can’t run, right? Robert’s mind raced with possibilities of escape. He wondered if Elizabeth and Eric were okay. Taking a last chug of beer, he decided that he would look to see how many zombies were at the door. If it were too many, he’d incinerate them with the gas station and hope to find cover in time.

The End

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