The Last Man on Earth

A little zombie apocalypse story I wrote once for an english assignement! :) It's only 8 pages (which will translate to about the same amount of chapters I think), but I'm rather proud of it. Enjoy! Warning: It's a bit depressing, if you choose to look at it that way.

            Robert had no idea how long he had been following them, or even why. He wondered if he was simply keeping himself busy, distracting himself from the squealing in his ears, the festering wound in his thigh, the cold numbing in his face and fingers, the knowledge that everyone was dead, that he was alone. The two figures trudged a good distance away from him at an agonizingly slow rate, and Robert was afraid they would turn and notice him before he could find a place to rest and hide. Small pieces of debris were scattered everywhere in the area that used to be a cheery shopping plaza, and Robert had to move around them carefully to avoid making noise. His injured leg proved to make this an extremely arduous task; maneuvering around the overturned shopping carts and crashed vehicles stealthily wasn't easy with a bad limp. Not only that, but his thigh was bleeding profusely, leaving a crimson colored trail in the snow behind him. Robert was positive more of these beasts would find the bright red stream and follow it until they got to him. Still, he stalked them. An arbitrary and idiotic choice.

            Under Robert's foot a twig snapped, and the sound that would have otherwise been small and unnoticeable on a regular day resounded across the silent parking lot. The two figures paused before slowly turning around to see where the sound had come from. The shorter one seemed to notice Robert first. It looked to be female, and its head was cocked to one side. Dried blood was splattered on its clothes from head to toe and its glazed over eyes stared ominously in Robert's direction. The second seemed to be male and had a much more ghastly appearance than the first. Blood was dripping from either side of its mouth, and unlike the first creature, it looked to be fresh. The wound above its left shoulder it gave the appearance that someone had tried to drive a stake through its heart. That person was no doubt dead now. The daunting appearance of these monsters - these zombies - froze Robert in place. Forcing his legs to move, Robert slowly backed up beside a battered mini van. To his right he spotted a gas station and car dealership. The two zombies were slowly lurching towards him, realizing that they had stumbled upon their next meal. Forgetting about his thigh and the lack of feeling in his limbs (whether from coldness or loss of blood, he wasn't sure), Robert sprinted toward the car dealership. The large glass windows that used to showcase the latest sports cars were broken and shards of glass littered the tile flooring. The store was large, but spacious, and right away Robert could see that the zombies that were no doubt here before had left to find other sources of food. Robert was on the brink of tears; he wanted to jump for joy at the auspicious event of finding somewhere that was, for the moment, un-infested, but at the same time was painfully aware of the streaks of blood along the floor and walls and the moans from the two zombies he had ran from.

            He spotted a door open near the back, leading to a stairwell to get to the roof. A bunch of keys dangled from the doorknob where some absentminded employee must have forgotten them, giving him access to the flight of steps. Another lucky chance... soon enough, my luck will have to run out, Robert thought despondently. He grabbed the keys, even though he didn't think the zombies somehow developed the fine motor skills required to unlock and open a door, before venturing in. The door slammed loudly behind him, and he made sure it was closed tightly. Robert had seen all the zombie movies and knew that doors didn't always hold them back, but he needed to rest. His breath was coming out as big clouds in the freezing air, and the incessant buzzing in his ears had gotten worse from his sprint to the car dealership. I'm still alive, though, he thought. That was an accomplishment.

The End

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