three boys on a road trip.Mature

The home looked old and unkept as they pulled into the drive way, the black jeep making the widelife near by scatter into the night, three figures got out and walked to the door, an old women opened the door "can i help you young men?" she asked in a light voice, "yes ma'am, my brothers and i are here to see peter brown, here's out father" said the man and the front of the trio in a thick texam accent, "oh of course, he's told us all about you, do come in, its up the stairs, first on your right", "thank you ma'am" said the man and they climbed the stairs, not breaking formation at all as they did.

peter looked up as the door opened, he turned his head to see his three son's walking into the room, "hello father" said the second son, "good to see you again" said the second. "my boys, how have you been, what progress have you made?"  "we are so close, we almost have it". for the first time in over a month peter stood adn walked to his sons, "well done my boys!" he hugged each one in turn, "my son's, you have done well, soon i will be home",  "we can take you with us now father, we can be out of here in a few..." "no, i need these people, there lives must end, that is how we survive, thougth death, now go before they come in and see me standing" the old man said to the air as we went back to his seat, the three boys turned and left the room, they walked down the stairs the lady appeard again, "how is he?" she asked, but they said nothing, just walked to there jeep and drove away.


The End

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