the last lost boyMature

from peter pan to vampire movies the lost boys have been a group that everyone knows. now it's time to learn just what you have to loose to make it in this world.

The car sped down the quite free way, gaining speed every second, the driver and his mates were all drunk, the car was stolen and not just the police were out to get them. they turned down a small lane to there hidout and drove the car into there workshop to be repainted later, as the walked together, luaghing about the look on there victims face, none of them saw the figure in the shadows, of gun in his hand, as the enterd the house, one looked back and saw nothing, if only he'd looked up to meet the gaze of the bright red eyes that stared deep into his soul.

they sat down to watch the tv, one of them got up and got some beers from the fridge, out of the corner of his eye he saw a flash of light, but as he turned to see what it was the door burst open and a tall dark figure in black walked in, "well well lads, we've got a new friend with us" said one of them picking up a tire iron from the floor next to the sofa, walking to the lone figure his friends were right behind him, wepons in hands. the mans eyes were fixed on the floor, one of the thugs ran at him and slammed a baseball bat down at him, before the bat hit its mark the man lay dead on the floor with the bat rammed into his mouth, blood pouring onto the carpet around him, the figure raised his head to show his blood red eyes, as he stepped forwerd to more men came at him and fell.

one by one they were killed untill one was left with a shot gun in hand the bulk of a man sprinted at the man in black, with a swift movment the gun was in his hands and the thug was on the floor, minus a hand, writhing in pain he croaks out "what...are you!?" with the man standing over him a voice in his head wispers "your worst nightmare" he dropped to the mans side and sang his teeth into the mans neck, with one last blood curdling scream the man was dead, the lone figure walked to the garage outside and ripped the door down, finding a black mustang in side he got in and drove into the sunrise.

the next day the house was on the news, 13 dead, the house almost ripped apart, an old man sat in front of his telly, alone in the room, a nurse walked in and said "hello peter, everything ok?", "just fine alice, the boys are coming to vist".

The End

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