The Last Light

Solar storm wipes out all electronics.

Mud splattered the bed of the old pick-up as his dirty boots clanked against the metal. Exhausted, Danny slid into the drivers seat, slipping his key into the ignition and firing the engine to a resistant start. Cracking the window he pulled out of the parking lot. His eyes closed a few brief moments as the cool wind poured over his skin. This was his favorite part of the day. This was also the moments he dreaded. At least at work he had other people around. As much as he hated slinging dirt with a shovel day in and day out; It was better than the isolation his small trailer held.

It had been almost a year now since his Father had passed on. Tending to the needs of the dwindling man had left Danny little time to form even an acquaintanceship. If he had been back in California he would have been surrounded by people to help with the grief. His Father had practically beg Danny to take him back to his childhood homeland to die. So here he was, friendless and grieving in a little trailer in Oregon.

Pulling into his park it seemed as if the walls of his world were slowly closing in as he wound around the little streets. For a time he thought he was lost. If it was not for the sudden burst of color he might have succumb to the slow fade. Deep red, fiery orange, flowing in the wind like the leaves of a tree fighting against the fall. Pink stripes hugging curves of ivory. The brightest green, She was a beautiful women. It looked as if she was fighting with her boyfriend again. Her pale hand brushed a red strand of hair back as Danny caught a gimps of her green eyes. She was crying, the ring in her lip flicking back and forth as if she was trying to hide the bruise.

Every ounce of his heart told him to stop, make sure she was OK or toss the bastard out. The one time he had made her boyfriend leave however had only ended up with him back the next night. Slowly he drove by, making his way a couple of trailers down and turning into his own drive way. He did not even know her name, what business of it was his.

Getting out of his truck he took one last look as he climbed the steps to his door. Pulling his clothes off he headed directly for the shower. With in a few minutes water was running brown as his bones relaxed in the warmth.

It was some time later before he finally dragged himself from the shower to his room. He had planned on having a cold beer tonight, but as he sat on the bed pulling his pj's on he found himself falling back. The world went dark as he passed out.

He awoke suddenly to an queasy feeling in his stomach, a fast as it seem to come on though, it seemed to pass. Rolling himself from bed he walked over to the light switch flicking it to the on position. Nothing happened, he wondered briefly if he had forgot to pay the bill before he realized it was late. The power company would not shut his electricity off at this hour.

Making his way from his room he headed through the trailer to the kitchen. Opening the fridge he felt the cool air rush out. The power could not have been out long. He was about to wrap his hand around the beer he'd been craving all day when the queasy feeling hit him again. Thinking better of it he closed the door and headed outside for a smoke instead.

It was a warm night out, unusually warm for Oregon. He lit his cigarette and took a long puff letting the nicotine run through his veins working its magic. There was a group of people forming in the street, looked to be his neighbors coming out complaining about the power. He could over hear bits of the conversation as he smoked.

“I'm telling you, something is wrong here, cell phone is not even working. Like its been completely drained.” Said one man to the group. “And what about that uneasy feeling, everyone said it woke them up. Something is just not right.”

“It's just a power outage Will, don't get all worked up” a woman's voice.

“No Will is right, something is wrong. I tried to start my car up to head into town, see how far spread this is, damn thing wont ever turn over.” Another man spoke up.

Finishing his cigarette Danny was walking to the group when something in the sky caught his eye. It was lighting up in strange colors, seeming to ripple down to the ground. A moment later it was gone, the group had feel silent as if they had all felt the uneasy feeling he just felt again.

“You telling me that's freaking normal?” he heard Will's voice boom followed by the group mumbling in return. The bickering of the group back and forth that followed seemed to pull more people from their homes. Everyone steadily making their way out and conversing in their own groups. A few people looked as if they were trying to start their cars up, but none turned over.

Will was right, something was not right here. Was as if what ever happened in the sky sucked all the power out of everything.

The End

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