the last lie

lots of drama

The Last Lie                                                                                                             
I looked at the wall in front of me.
I thought, only this obstacle and I’ll be free. Little did I know my journey had only just begun…

My name is Robin and before you start thinking I’m male, I’m not. I am female. My real name is Roberta but I prefer Robin. I’m 14, live in Bath and have brown hair with blonde highlights. I used to be blonde all over but people kept calling me dumb, oh and I have green eyes too. Right back to my story.

I started to climb over the wall but my foot slipped half way up. I thought I was going to fall; but I heaved myself up to the top and sat on the wall gasping. When my heart rate had returned to normal I looked down. It was very high. But I faced my fears and jumped. I hit the floor with a sickening crunch and found that I was in a small chamber. I’m pretty sure there were previous inhabitants as it really stank.

It was very dark and claustrophobic with three tunnels leading out of the room. I got to my feet carefully and thought I hadn’t broken anything. Then I felt my arm. A sharp shooting pain stopped me in my tracks, but I picked the nearest tunnel and started walking.

I knew I had to battle on so I kept walking. I had no idea where I was or how I’d come to be there; I was terrified.

Last night I had been chatting to mum; now I may never see her again! I woke in the morning and here I was tied to a wall with rope, which I had to chew my way through. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me, spinning around I saw that nothing was there.

“Looking for me?” a voice, said behind me.
A man appeared in front of me, he looked rough.
“No, not looking for you” I replied hastily.
I was eager to get away, to escape.
“That’s a shame because I’m looking for you Robin. That’s your name isn’t it?”
I suddenly recognized the faceless stranger.
“Why are you here?”
“Robin I’m the reason you’re here”
“Having you ruined my life, my career. Your stupid mother got pregnant and refused to give you up. I left her when I could stand it no more”
“How can you say that?” I yelled
“I’ve always hated you and now you are going to die Robin”
“No” I cried.
I pushed past him. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me ignoring the pain in my arm. I didn’t care where I went as long as it was far away from here.

“Its useless to run I will always find you, wherever you are” he yelled after me.

I ran and ran; I could see daylight, I could smell the fresh air, but suddenly.

The End

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