The Last Legacy

The Lasy Legacy; Alyssa Jones. Age thirteen years old. Earth years anyway. And Alyssa is her name given via her discovery. Yes, her disorn; on another planet here. Found in London, born; on another planet here. Found in London, born; on another planet....

Time to remember, time to fight.....

Date of Birth, 29th of October, the year 1998, making the child one day off of fourteen years old. Name, Alexia May Jones. Or at least that is the name given to her. Alexia, known to those close to her as Alixa, pronounced like the poison. But the child will grow, to live up to that name. To that meaning. Not a single person knows the true identity of Alexia. Not even, Alexia herself.

Choices are the very foundation of our world, they are what shapes it. Make the wrong choices, and your life falls apart. That is the destiny for a single, ordinary human being. As for the entirety of this planet, the destiny for their existence is to be wiped form existence. I say not a single person knows the identity of this child. I should say, not a single; human.

My name is Celarisa, Celarisa Matikan. Queen of the empire known as the planet Selatia. My name alone means little, but the voice of our people is one of the most meaningful forces in the world. But we are long gone. We all died. Our planet destroyed. In the year of the earth calendar marked 1998. The last of us were vanquished on the 25th of December of that same year. Only two have known to survive. Myself, and my daughter.

But I fear for my daughter’s safety. I have seen what is to become of the earth. Can I truly stand and watch as that planet is destroyed, leaving her to float mindlessly as atoms. She would be driven mad. Insanity tightening its cold grip on my daughter. For she cannot die. She is the last. The last living legacy; of us.


The Immortals...

The End

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