The Last Leaf

A short story about the last few minutes of a boys life.

I fell backwards to the ground, sliding on the dirt and leaves of the autumn almost winter forest floor. The smell of decaying leaves fresh in my nose, I stood up and looked around the empty forest landscape.

Only moments before, you and our friends had been by my side. After being attacked by what looked like a mix between a bat and a spider, I told you guys to leave while I kept the creature at bay. Everyone ran without hesitation, except you.

I remember blocking a strike by one of the creatures clawed feet with a stick I had picked up, and then looking over to see you still standing there, reluctant to leave. 

"Go!" I shouted as I swung at the creatures wings, "You need to leave right now if you're going to survive!"

"But what about you?" You asked with concern I could see on your face, and deep into your eyes.

"I'll be fine, nothings going to happen to me. Now get out before it notices you." I ordered as I fought against the eight feet that were grabbing at me.

I heard you turn around and leave just as the creature picked me up and hurled me through the air.

Coming out of my daydream, I heard the snap of a branch from behind me, and just as I turned around, I got shoved to the ground by a blur. When I got up, the creature pushed me down again. It was trying to weaken me, and I knew it, but I had to buy you and the others some time to escape.

Finally, my legs gave out, and I collapsed to the ground exhausted. I felt only a slight pinch when the creature used it's spider like fangs to inject it's venom into my blood stream, because my body was so numb. The last thought that went through my head as I slowly died was "I wish I said 'good-bye' one last time to you, before you left." As my eyelids closed for the last time, I saw the last leaf in the forest begin it's descent to the forest floor.

The End

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