The last fightMature

The was a young boy named Enosh and then he was allied into another realm to fight. These tales show that of a capable fighter who does not like to hate or fight for no good reason.

I looked up in the sky it was blue like most other days in summer, I was at school enjoying my recess the taste of the nectarine so beautiful in my mouth. He was standing and the tress were bringing a fresh breeze across the playground. The wind blowing his long luscious hair back away from his face, making him look like some rich guy who was driving fast in a car with and open roof. The bell had just gone and he stood up to go to class, as he was walking to class he chucked the nectarine seed in the bin, the green bin so dented by the over usage of it. He kept on walking to class and just before he got halfway to the classroom someone stopped him and said

"Come with us Enosh"

"Where? I need to get to class"

"We have an alternate reality where we fight people, we have seen the way you fight and you are going to fight" grabbing his arm forcefully.

"I do not fight for no reason, and what will happen when I have to go to class? I must attend class to get good grades, now unhand me I need to get to class." Enosh said angrily and hushed because he wanted to get to class.

"For class we have made another you who will take your place when you fight," the figure said.

"What is your name and who are you? And as I said before I will not fight for no unnescesarry reason, now goodday" Enosh more pissed now got out of the grab and starte walking to class the quadrangle deserted.

"Me? I am Sodutha, I am in charge of these fights and unfortunately for you, you have to fight you have no choice." Sodutha said his voice as calm as ever.

The End

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