Chapter 80: Exit WoundsMature

They had all gathered in the crater, waiting.

The graveyard had emptied. Every single ghost in the area had congregated there, standing in a large crowd, watching Amber.

"We are gathered here today to remember the death of someone who meant a lot to all of us." She started, looking down.

"She was a friend. A best friend." Bev said, turning to smile at Amber.

"She was brave. Til the very end." Amber continued, still upset by it all.

"She could be strict as anything. Bossy even, but at times she was the kindest person." Rosie placed her hand on Amber's shoulder, offering her her support.

"She was smart. She knew everything." Amber laughed. "Sometimes, she knew too much."

"She helped people. If you were in need, you came to Lollie and she could sort anything out." Bev smiled, thinking about Suzy and Sophie.

"She could always make you laugh." Amber looked out into the crowd, smiling at them all.

"And I don't think anyone has ever cried more because someone has gone than this." Rosie wiped away a little tear, noticing how many other people were crying.

"What's more than all of that, is that she made such a difference to all of our deaths."

"And lives. Don't forget - some of us are still alive!" Rosie smiled. If she hadn't met Lollie, her life would have been so different. So boring. "Never a dull day with her."

"And so each and every one of us here today will remember her. That truly marvellous girl. The girl that never had the chance to grow up. To have a full life. And as sad as that is, at least she had a full death." Amber smiled - she had known her, she was privileged.

"We should continue her work, in her memory. Do everything we can to keep this world safe for us, help each other, doing absolutely anything we can. If you meet someone new, tell them her story. Tell them how there should be more of her. How she was the best of us."

"Lollie, we will never forget. We all love you. See you soon."

The rest of the crowd clapped, smiling. Both Bev and Rosie put their arms around Amber, supporting her as she said goodbye to her best friend.


The End

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