Chapter 78: Into the abyss.Mature

Lollie smiled as she passed through the body she'd briefly inhabited. She felt a pang of sorrow as she looked down at Amber who was hunched over the body sobbing her heart out. She shook her head. This was not a time for sadness. This was a time for happiness. This was a time for Lollie's happiness.

She grinned as she felt herself grow weightless, but in an odd way. She felt light enough to float away, yet she was falling. Falling slowly and gracefully, like a feather falling through the air.

She let the sensation of passing over surround and encase her body and looked around at the world, which seemed to dissolve away around her as she fell. She smiled as she imagined what would be waiting on the other side for her. Would she simply disappear? Cease to exist and be gone? Or would she be reunited with the mother she lost all those years ago? Thoughts and images swirled in front of her retinas and she sighed happily.

The uncertainty of passing over was a comforting feeling, oddly. After being stuck for so long, Lollie just couldn't wait to be finally away from the place. Finally away from the fairground. Finally away from the living. Finally away from the dead.

A wave of serenity washed over Lollie and she relaxed as she fell further and further into the unknown, yet welcoming, warm, abyss of the end of her death.

The End

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