Chapter 77: Fade to GreyMature

The light slowly faded away and Amber could see her surroundings.

Just a big crater where the fairground used to be. She was the only one in it. Anyone else that was there must have. Well, they must have been killed. Or whatever you call it when a ghost dies. Destroyed. Annihilated. Ends.

Amber fell to her knees, sobbing.

"It's ok Amber." A voice echoed all around her. "It's ok Amber."

It was Lollie's voice.

"Lollie? Where are you?" Amber shouted, looking out into the distance.

"You won't find me there." Lollie said, her voice sounding happy. "I don't have much time, Amber so you need to listen to me."

"Ok." Amber wiped away her tears and focused on the voice. "Where are you?"

"I'm gone." Lollie kept her upbeat tone, despite saying what she did.


"I used the energy of the bomb detonating to power me up so to speak. I felt all of its energy coursing through me and I just shot it at Clive. It was too much for him. I did it, Amber. I got rid of Clive."

Amber couldn't stop herself from crying. "But you! What about you?"

"It burned me out. It took everything I had."

"But you're still here! Still with me!"

"Only an echo Amber. I managed to save a bit of myself so I could pass on this message."

"No Lollie. You can't go. We all need you."

It was then that Amber noticed a single person standing on the edge of the crater, speaking in time with Lollie's voice.

"You took a body didn't you?" Amber sounded excited. "You're still here."

She ran towards them, wanting one last hug with her friend at the very least.

"Amber, listen." The person said. "You need to fight your own battles from now on. You can do it. You were just as powerful as me back there."

Amber  could have sworn that she could hear the sadness bleeding through in Lollie's voice and imagined that she was crying right now. They both were. Amber was getting close now. Nearly there.

"The main thing is, Amber, you are amazing. I'm sorry that I couldn't be with you. That we couldn't have had more fun but we had such a great time, didn't we?"

Amber was at the edge, she could see the person much more clearly now. She didn't recognise her, she must have just been someone on the edge of the blast, her face covered in burns.

"Tell everyone else how much I love them, yeah Amber? You especially."

"You can tell them yourself." Amber said, stepping towards the body.

"Goodbye Amber. Don't change will you? You're too special to change." Lollie's voice faded as she spoke, the body becoming less stable.

Amber reached the body and wrapped her arms around it, crying onto its shoulder.

"I love you too Lollie. Bye."

The body fell through Amber, hitting the floor with a thud.

The End

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