Chapter 75: Last Chance SaloonMature

"Rosie. You need to get out of here." Lollie was still crying and forced the words out of her trembling mouth.

"Why? What's wrong Lily?" Rosie sounded concerned as she looked at the ghostly corpse of Clive.

"There's a bomb. Other side of the fairground. Don't ask any more questions. Just run."

Rosie looked to her two friends, offering her hands.

"We don't need to. We should sort things out here. Try to stop it. Stuff like that."

"I am not leaving you two behind."

Lollie hugged Rosie quickly. "We're already dead. It can't harm us."

"So I'll see you soon yeah?" She smiled.

The two girls nodded, heading off for the bomb. Rosie lingered for a second, holding Finn's lifeless hand. "I'm sorry."

She picked herself up and moved over to her car, checking to see if it was still working. After a few false starts, the engine gave in, puffing out a little smoke. Rosie swore, hitting the horn. Taking a deep breath, she clambered out of the car and started running  in the opposite direction to the others.

She reached the edge of the fairground in seconds, coming across the tape that was circling it. The police tape signalling that it was a crime scene. Her crime scene. It hadn't been that long but it felt like she had been on this adventure for such a long time. Like it had been going on for years.

She clawed at it, ripping it in two. She raced through the gap, finding herself unsure what to do. Where she should go. How far she needed to go. She was panicking. A bomb was about to go off and she had no clue what to do.

* * * * *

Back in the clearing, Clive slowly pulled himself up.

"Not quite yet." he mumbled weakly with a slight grin. "Not quite yet."

The End

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