Chapter 74: Knight in Shining ArmourMature

Amber was standing over Finn, placing her hand on his shoulder. Instead of brushing it off as his anger wanted him to, he took it, being pulled up onto shattered legs. With Rosie's help, they moved him to the man, before leaving him to say his final words.

"You are a monster." Finn hissed, letting his emotions get the better of him.

"Just doing my job." Clive laced his voice with sarcasm, enjoying this chance to whip the boy with his acid tongue.

"If you hadn't turned up, then we might have been able to save her."

"Don't kid yourself. She was doomed from the off."

"You see, Mr. Clive, I am on the brink of death."

"Well isn't that nice for you."

"So I'm on my way to becoming one of you."

"Join the club."

"And have a guess what that means." Finn looked happy, with an evil smile across his face.

"You're just as invisible as when you were alive."

Finn punched Clive in the face as hard as he could, unfortunately leaving no visible difference. That was when Finn's eyes burst out with flames and a burst of energy pulsed from Finn's fingertips and into Clive's mind, screaming as he did so.

Lollie and Amber stepped back in shock, worried about what else he could do in his current state.

Finn turned around, letting Clive fall to the floor, his mind mush. Tears were trailing down his face, his eyes having lost their passion. He collapsed, the pain too much for him.

"It's ok Finn. You'll be alright."

"No, Lollie, I won't. I'm dying. I think I tapped into something that I wasn't supposed to. But it's ok. I can be with Sophie properly again."

Finn smiled one last smile as Amber held his hand. Slowly, she felt his grip loosening until his hand fell through hers, limp. Amber wiped away a tear and comforted Lollie.

At least that man was gone.

The End

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