Chapter 73: Scarred for LifeMature

"So tell us, Clive. What's the real reason?"

He turned to face Rosie, taking a large pace towards her.

"Revenge." he said succinctly to a few blank looks.

"Care to tell us what for." Rosie stood her ground, edging forward in an attempt to appear menacing, something that Clive just laughed off.

"It was a long time ago." Lollie began, walking up to Clive quickly. "We were both still alive."

"So a very, very long time ago." He turned to her with an almost caring look in his eyes. "Care to tell them, my dear?"

"Why not show them, hubby?" Lollie was acting uncharacteristically friendly towards Clive, making the others think that something was up.

Clive lifted his shirt, revealing a scar that travelled from the base of his neck to the top of his trousers that hadn't been stitched up terribly well.

"I didn't think ghosts could take their clothes off." Rosie said with a chuckle.

"It takes a lot of training. It can come in handy in certain situations." His gaze drifted over to Bev who avoided eye contact.

"You keep your hands off of her." Lollie sounded angry, subtly charging her energy for one powerful blast. " So I was living with this man, a doctor. One day this man comes into his place, asking for help; he came with his pregnant sister."

"Ask no questions." Amber said with a worried look. "Yours Clive?"

She received a bolt of energy that winded her as he refused to anwer.

"Well the baby was born but the mother died. So did her daughter a couple of hours later. The man was distraught - he had lost all of his family. Nobody would miss him."

"Shows how few morals you had." Before he had chance to call her a brand new and insulting name, she stabbed him in the back with a bolt of energy, sending him down to his knees.

"I was very ill. So the doctor drugged the man and cut us both open, swapping a few organs around when we were both out of it. He dumped the man on the street, expecting him to die soon after but he didn't; we just assumed that nobody had found the body - I mean I had the healthy organs and I struggled a little so the man with the dying organs. Doesn't really need to be said." Lollie looked down in shame.


"Years later, I met Clive and we got married, etc. Thing is, he was that man and resented me. So he took it out on me. But I got away."

"And I've been following you ever since." Clive hissed in pain.

"And taking out your anger on random people." Lollie shouted in his ear. "Is that morally acceptable these days?"

"No. Certain, specific people." he spat.

"Ooh! Ooh! I bet either relatives of that doctor or people who lived as a result of illegal organ transplants." Amber bounced as she called, acting like she was on some sort of gameshow which made Lollie smile.

"That's all? That's the only reason for this insanity?" Rosie seemed disappointed and angry.

"Actually, I'd say that that's fair enough. I mean we did dump him with a whole host of nasty diseases on one of the least sanitary streets that ever existed. All that infection must have messed with his brain." Lollie wasn't exactly sure why she had just justified him, hitting him again.

"Or he was always a psycho." Finn groaned in pain.

"Poor little boy." Clive was relishing every little drop of pain that he was experiencing.

"Finn. Look at me." It was Sophie. Something was wrong - she was nearly gone.

"Soph. Don't go."

"I'm sorry. I can't stay any longer. Just know, just know that I love you and that I always will." She held his hand, kissing him gently.

"They always pick the worst time to go, don't they?"

Finn ignored Clive, making the most of his last moment with his love. He watched a her hand faded from his, crying out.

"I love you Soph!"

As the rest of her body vanished, she opened her mouth with only a few words escaping before she was gone forever.

"I love you."

Lollie crouched down, so that her lips were level with Clive's ear and whispered "I think you just made someone very angry." She licked her lips, making him shudder slightly as he looked over to the crippled boy.

Finn's eyes were on fire.

The End

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