Chapter 72: Boom Boom, Shake the RoomMature

Lollie landed and within a few seconds, had brushed herself down as best she could and started to get up before she noticed that something was wrong with her leg - it felt like she had twisted her ankle and in a minute, had sorted herself out.

The room was dark - she had never been here before. She could just make out a couple of chairs in one corner, all of which were knocked down and in pieces. She thought that there was probably a table there too, but she couldn't be terribly sure. She wasn't terribly confident with getting up so she started to crawl, exploring the room.

That was when she saw the flashing red light near the far wall, prompting her to head for that. From a distance, she could see the light coming from a box that looked a bit like a broken traffic light only with the amber and green light missing. But as she came closer, she realised that it was smaller.

She pulled herself so that her face was over the box, illuminated with the light. She looked at it, realising that it was coming from four digits, constantly changing. No, just one was changing - they were counting down. There was a ticking noise that went with it.

Tick. 10:02. Tick. 10:01. Tick. 10:00.

"Oh." She looked around the box for wires and when she couldn't find any, she lifted the box gently, looking underneath. Nothing helpful there.

On a leg that she still wasn't terribly comfortable with, she picked herself up, running as fast as she could, not caring as she hit a wall and went right through.

"Not good." she said. "Not good. Must warn Rosie. Get her away from the bomb. Must warn Rosie."

* * * * *

Tick. 9:46. Tick. 9:45. Tick. 9:44.


The End

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