Chapter 71: Snap, Crackle and PopMature

 As Bev pulled herself up, partly under the influence of Clive's mind, he prepared another ball of energy and hit Bev in the chest again, this time sending her flying.

"I don't believe you." Lollie's voice showed her determination, reluctant to give in to him.

"Why ever not?"

"I know you. You would never do anything that would benefit anyone else."

"Worth a try." He smirked, laughing as Bev swore at him as she pulled herself out of the rubble of a now destroyed building. "You could do with learning to pass through stuff. You know, like ghosts do in the films. That way, your back wouldn't hurt half as much in the morning."

"So the truth please, Mr Clive." Rosie offered, trying to be brave.

"Ah, our detective friend. What can I help you with?" He stepped up to her, breathing in her smell.

"Why are you doing this?"

He looked her straight in the eye, grinning.



"Something is wrong."

Rosie looked interested, turning her head slightly to follow him. "What?" He exhaled against her ear.

"You are alive."

"Leave her alone." Lollie had turned around and was starting to move, breaking free from his control.

"You were always the strongest." In a second, he had another ball of energy in his hand and was throwing it at his wife.

Despite getting knocked back, she picked herself up and was retaliating in seconds. Her power was much weaker than his but it took him by surprise. Clive stepped forward and continued to do so, casting each shot by Lollie off as if was a mere insect that he could easily swat. In seconds, he reached her and, grabbing her by the neck, lifted her from the ground.

"You do not mess with me." He threw her, further than any living being could and watched with great satisfaction as she crashed through building after building, unaffected by each. When she finally came crashing down, she was out of his field of vision. Shame.

He faced the others, taking an interest in Finn.

"You, my boy, are alive as well. In my professional opinion, I consider that a problem."

But Finn didn't react. Not a word, not a blink. Nothing.

"He isn't afraid of you. You can't hurt him."

He looked up, missing Sophie as, for a split second, she had practically vanished entirely. When she reappeared, he nodded to her, placing both of his hands on Finn's shoulders and pressing down. The boy could feel the force that was breaking his body but he still refused to waver.

"I think you'll find, little miss invisible, this is hurting him."

With that, he pushed down more forcefully, making Finn collapse with an audible crack.

"Oops." Clive said, grinning.

The End

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