Chapter 69: The Story of the OtherMature

She walked into the house as if it was her own. Of course, it wasn't. She was breaking in. That didn't really bother her.

Faith was used to it; she was perfectly happy doing most things to get what she wanted, to get where she wanted to go. It was all about self preservation and improvement. After smashing through the glass in the door and opening the door with more force than necessary, she began to sift through the house, starting with the post. After looking through the bills and other junk mail, she checked the lounge. Laptop. Bingo.

She lifted the lid of the mini computer, prompting it to start to load up. It played a video of a man that she had never seen before.

"My name isn't important. What I did is. I am the one responsible for the bombing. They deserved it, each and every one of them. I'm not the only one as you'll soon find out. Don't get your hopes up about finding me; I suspect I'm already dead. After I have done what needs to be done, I am going to see the elders. The elders of the Voiceless. They will... absolve me."

Faith had pulled a pad of paper out of her jacket pocket and was making notes.

"But you, you are yet to find out why. I'm sure you'll piece it together. But if you don't quite get the chance, the elders will come out and tell the world what they have done and they shall be praised. 17th June."

She turned to a calendar on the wall - it was only a couple of weeks away.

"But if your foul little world rejects us," he spat, "then we are not afraid to go to war. We have been shown the way. And we are not scared by the prospect of collateral damage. No matter how hard you may try, people die. And these days, nobody is innocent."

Faith had a worrying idea of what was about to happen, turning on her feet and running just to be on the safe side.

"And you are not innocent."

The laptop screen cleared, showing nothing. She peered around the doorway to check if it was safe. That was when she noticed the wire leading from the laptop to something underneath the table.

Before she had chance to react, the table exploded into lots of little piece, taking the laptop and pretty much everything else in the room with it. It threw shrapnel at the woman, sending her flying into the staircase.

A few minutes later, she groaned, holding her head. Three words spilled out of her mouth, the first of which she was sure was a swear word, the rest she wasn't fully sure of. As her hearing came back to her slowly and the feeling in her legs grew stronger, she pulled herself up the stairs.

"Glutton for punishment."

At the top of the stairs were three rooms, all of which contained a laptop.  Once she had finished her notes and tested her legs, she darted into each room, opening up each laptop as she went. In the last room, a study of sorts, she picked up a sheet of paper detailing the bomb that he had built for the fairground, the one that hadn't gone off. She knew that she didn't have time to look more now, taking it with her. As she fled from the house, she turned just in time to see the whole top floor go up in smoke.

"No more evidence." she said with a reluctant smile. She climbed into her car and looked over the plan in more detail, annotating it with her pencil, circling the circuit which detailed the timing mechanism. She reached for her phone, hitting the speed dial button.

"Rose you need to listen to me. I traced that leaflet thing that you mentionned the other day. The house just blew up. You need to tell me where you are right now. I have a job for you. There's a package that is about to become useless. I need you to pick it up and keep it fresh. Understand? Call me back for the details. Just be quick - we've only got a little under half an hour."

She hung up, looking at the clock in her car before back to the plans. Twenty eight minutes left.

The End

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