Chapter 67: The Story of the LoverMature

Aaron took a deep breath, trying to riggle free from the bonds that were holding him in the chair.

"I tried! What else could I do?"

He struggled in an act of defiance against his captors.

"You could have succeeded. Now we want answers. Answers that my bosses tell me you can give."

"I don't know anything!"

"Tell us why the last known location of our agent going by the name Taylor was the apartment that we found you at the door of."

"Surely you know that."

The standing man in the room, dressed in black, raised his gun.

"Stop the evasive answers or I will be forced to shoot."

Aaron whimpered, nodding eagerly.

"So tell us why we found her body deep in a hole in a nearby park."

"Rosie won't have... She won't have killed her... Not unless she had good reason."

"So tell me what that reason is. Taylor had vital information that we need. Information that we think she told you and your girlfriend."

"I don't know anything!"

"Want to know the sad thing? I believe you."

The man turned away from Aaron, walking to the door to his cell.

"Are we in America?" The man looked confused. "I mean, if you're the CIA, then what are you doing in England."

"Strictly, I'm not CIA. Not anymore. We left them long ago. And we're so much better off for it. Now you know something. Too much."

The man turned, reaching the door and leaving. As the door shut behind, he pulled his cell from his pocket and made a call.

"Trace this girl, this Rosie. And send someone else over to Italy. We need to know what Taylor discovered. If the Italians have found a way to combat our special warriors then, we need to sort that out. This is our breakthrough - no-one elses. I'll deal with him."

The man entered Aaron's cell once more, his gun ready to fire.

"My name is Ronaldo. That's all they know me by at any rate. I work for the Bloodless Gun."

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"Now you know too much."


The End

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