Chapter 66: MultitaskingMature

Lollie was starting to panic. Too much was going on. Focus Lollie, focus.

"Right. One problem at a time. Then we can get everything sorted out a-s-a-p yeah? Everybody happy with that? Well tough because that's what I've decided on. So, Bev. We'll start with you."

Bev looked up from the body, unsure how to react.

"Got any problems that you want help with at the minute?"

"Nothing springs to mind, Lollie." she sighed. "Is there anything I can do to help you out?"

"Well isn't that kind of you! If you aren't too scared, you could keep an eye out for Clive for me. Knowing him, he'll make a reappearance when we least expect it." Lollie started drifting off, clearly remembering some past experience with that... that man that hadn't gone terribly well.

"I'll do my best, Lollie." With that, she wandered off, looking around half-heartedly.

"One down. Next, Rosie. Your turn. Problem? Problems?"

"Lots of things popping up but I can sort them out on my own. On the most part anyhow. There are others with bigger issues I think."

She bowed out, stepping back to make a few calls.

"Two. Amber - what can I do for you?"

In her good old high-pitched voice, she replied with "Not me next," shaking her head as she said it.

"Three. Kiyoko can wait. I could do with a bit more energy before I talk to Japan again."


"Four. Most important for last. Sophie, how can I help?"

"I'm fading and I have no clue what I can do about it. I don't want to go anywhere just yet!"

Lollie took a deep breath; she knew that this wasn't going to go down well at all.

"LOLLIE! IT'S HIM!" Bev came back with a sprint, a bulkier man following her more slowly.

"It's ok, Karl. I'll be fine. I'll be home soon yeah? You're a great brother. Don't forget that." Rosie hung up, picking up a discarded metal pole through a reflex action, hoping to be able to defend herself against that Clive.

"Sophie. I need to tell you this. When someone passes on, there is no coming back. It's the final stage. I'm sorry but I don't know if there is anything that I can do to help. I've never tried to stop someone from moving on before."

Soph nodded at Lollie solemnly, hugging her one last time.

"If I can think of anything or do anything, you know that I will, yeah Soph?"

"Of course."

"Friends forever?"

Sophie let the tears come as she agreed with her friend.

"I wish we could have got to know each other better." Sophie was fading even more than before, holding on to Finn's arm. "And Finn, I'm sorry."

"These past few months have been the best of my life."

"Please don't forget me, Finn. I love you."

He reached into his pocket, pulling out a little box. Sophie smiled straight away, hugging him closely.

"Yes I will!" she screamed.

"I love a good proposal." Amber whispered to the cowering Bev who was watching to large man approaching.

"How touching. Remember that, Lily? When I proposed to you? What a day that was. Sorry, I'm getting sidetracked. What I meant to say was: I'm back babe!"

Darkness descended, covering the fairground much more than it should have done.

"You know what they say, darkness falls the day that the devil walks the earth. Well he's busy today, so I'm going to take his place. I promise to be just as evil."

This time, when he grinned, nobody shivered. Nobody cowered. Nobody shook.

They just all stood still, unable to move. Clive was in control. Complete and total control.

"There a sentence going through your head right now isn't there Lollie? 'There's nothing we can do to stop him' or something along those lines yes? Well you'd be right. It's time for me to have a bit of fun. Like the old days."

Clive walked to Lollie, gently stroking her cheek.

"You first."

The End

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