Chapter 65: Ease of AccessMature

Ring ring. Ring ring.


"Aaron, you need to listen to me."

"Rosie! Thank god you're alright!"

"I haven't got much time to talk. I just need to check one thing with you. Regarding the whole CIA business."

"Aren't there more important things to be talking about?"

"Definitely not. You had been poisoned yes?"


"Then five or so minutes later you're fine and dandy, all better, yes?"

"Yes. Where is this going Rosie?"

"How come?"


"Too easy. Sorry if I'm suspicious or anything but it just seems to convenient."

"What are you accusing me of?"


"That's rich, Rosie."

"That's all the answer I needed. Thanks, loverboy."

"Where are you?"

"Like I'd tell you."


Rosie hung up before he had chance to finish the sentence, but she was sure that it had been a word that she would have found insulting.

"Anything important?" Lollie asked from the floor.

"My boyfriend has turned to the CIA after being blackmailed about Taylor's body. My brother tells me that I'm wanted in Scotland and Japan. A contact is getting edgy." She laughed. "Just like any other day."

"Speaking of Japan, I'm wanted over there too."

"Don't tell me Kiyoko has been dropping a line again!" Lollie had to admit that she wasn't expecting to hear from her again. At least, not now.

"Nice to see you Amber!" Sophie called.

"But frankly, you have other things that you have to sort out first. Namely my Sophie." Finn looked at Lollie, wimpering slightly as he started to break into tears again, watching his Sophie start to fade again.

The End

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