Chapter 60: Fading.Mature

"What?!" Lollie spluttered.

"Yup. You heard me. Four hundred and sixty two to be exact." Rosie said, frowning, "and that's not including the people who haven't been found..."

"My God." Lollie muttered, "They're all..?" she trailed off.

"No... no. A few reported their invites when they got them, others came forward after the media got hold of the story."

Lollie looked down at her feet, "Wow..." she blinked, taking in the enormousity of the situation.

Rosie's phone rang again and she checked the screen. The name "Aaron" flashed on her screen. She dropped the phone back into her bag, making a mental not to call him later.

* * * * *

"Lollie?" Sophie yelled, running around the fairground in search of her friend. "LOL?"

No reply came and Sophie sat on the bench she had sat on all those weeks ago. She sighed. Lollie could be anywhere by now.

* * * * *

"CALL ME, NOW, ROSIE." Aaron yelled down the handset, angrily hanging up. He kicked the door again and screamed out in anger and pain. He sat down, leaning his back against the door and spinning his phone around his fingers.

That's when he noticed the blood. That's when he started to panic.

* * * * *

Sophie jolted awake from the same dream, still sat on the bench. She grunted and sat up. "Lollie," she said, quietly, "I need you. Please come back." A ghostly tear trickled down her face.

She was coming closer to the ground in each dream.

Closer to moving on.

Closer to losing Finn again.

She was fading.

The End

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