Chapter 55: DreamsMature


She shuddered. "But how did you..?"she gulped and looked down at her feet.

"How do I know?" he said, shakily, to which she only nodded, "Oh, I have my contacts."

"I... I had no choice," she frowned, "I had to do it"

"You didn't have to do anything," he spat, viciously.

* * * * *

"Stop it," Lollie growled

"What? I'm not doing anything!" Rosie said. The man sat on the park bench gave her an odd look and she smiled kindly back at him. He looked away from her awkwardly and she cussed under her breath, "I keep forgetting no-one else can see you," she murmured to Lollie, who smirked.

"You keep looking back," Lollie says, frowning as Rosie turns again, "stop being so nervous. You've got me," she squeezes Rosie's hand comfortingly, "and it's going to be okay,"

Rosie smiled appreciatively back, shifting the duffel bag to her other shoulder and hissing at the pain of the straps digging in had caused.

* * * * *

The only thing she can hear is her own scream. The only thing she can feel is the wind whipping through her hair. The only thing she can smell is fear. Her own fear. All she can see is the floor as it comes at her, seeming to move faster and faster until ---

Sophie jolted awake and gasped. She turned to Finn who was lying in bed, sleeping soundlessly. She gulped and tried to steady her breathing. She had just had that dream again. Before she had died, she didn't even know ghosts could dream. Yet here she was. Suffering from the dream she had nightly. The dream of her own death.

* * * * *

 Clive slammed his fist into the wall and shouted, pain and anger coursing through his body and becoming one thing, and one thing only; rage. He stormed away, tightly clenching his fist.

"I'll find you," he uttered, under his breath.

Beverly shivered.

The End

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