Chapter 53: Only HumanMature

The police hadn't done their job terribly well.

If they had just hung around the fairground a couple of hours longer, then chances are, they would have caught their killer.

But after all the ghostly goings-on, they just left, taking with them all they thought they needed for their investigation.

The only thing was, they left behind a key witness. The only person who had seen anything and survived. Of course, that made him the man who had killed the three girls in cold blood. Murdered them. Ended their short lives.

Well, technically not. At least he wasn't a cold blooded killer. In his mind, they had deserved what they had got. Maybe not necessarily quite as vicious, but they definitely deserved pain and revenge.

The man had watched as they took the bodies away and had followed them in his car. Once he knew where they had taken them, he returned to the scene of the crime, which he thought would be quite a risky move. Luckily for him, they were just leaving and didn't even ask him a single question.

It just simply made him smile. He liked it when his plans just worked.

Each girls had come, as he had expected them to.

They had met up which was just a lucky coincidence; it had saved him time and effort.

They all went on the helter skelter. How apt.

So he bribed the man running it to take a break for a bit. He climbed up and just enjoyed himself as he inflicted more pain that he could have ever imagined. As he left, he took a souvenir. Something that would lead the police down a false path. All the better.

He would be long gone before they even started to trace it back to him.

He had called that a successful venture.

"People don't mess with me and get away with it," he said in a gruff voice. "Ha."

The killer walked away, never expecting to return.

He didn't know how wrong he truly was.

The End

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