Chapter 52: A Beautiful MessMature

"Hello? I'm going to need to come in."

The policeman was still outside. Rosie was panicking. Maybe she could hide the body. No, too risky. She couldn't dispose of it yet! Not with him stood out there. Well, she could throw it off of the balcony.

She was shocked at herself for the stupidity of that idea. Maybe put her in the bath and lock the door. Yeah!

"Just a minute!" she yelled. "I just need to put some clothes on!"

Lollie looked confused. Rosie took a deep breath and started to drag the body to her bathroom, trying not to breath through her nose as she did so. She dropped it, just about hearing the head crash onto the floor.

"Lollie, I need you to go into the bathroom and lock it, understand? Put the shower on too or something. You can do that right?" The ghost nodded. "Thank you!"

Rosie went in for a hug but went straight through her, making her shiver again. She watched the door shut with a slam and went into her room, splashing water from the sink onto her hair to make it look wet and taking some of her clothes off to look like she had just had a shower.

"Excuse me, but I don't have all day!"


She picked up that morning's towel and wrapped it around herself, hoping that her plan was going to work. She was about to open the door when she saw the trail of blood running across her wooden flooring. Before she had the chance to swear, she threw the towel over the blood, quickly cleaning it up. Hiding that in her washing basket, she opened the door slightly, hiding herself behind it.

"Hello, Officer. How can I help?"

* * * * *

Suzy was still unconscious. Her mind was drifting, trying to deal with normal things. Things she had had to deal with when she was alive. She was upset.

Then the pain kicked in. Those horrible memories came flooding back.

A single tear rolled down her face.

* * * * *

Clive simply smiled.

"Are you happy now?" A tearful Beverly screamed.


"I hope your death was painful." He could clearly hear the malice in her voice and it excited him; it had been such a long time since somebody had been so defiant. None of his friends, or victims as they often saw themselves, had ever had so much spirit. Especially for one so young.

"What do you intend to do to me now then?"


"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You'll see."

* * * * *

The first thought that popped into Rosie's head was a good one since she smiled.

"Well we've had some complaints."

"I can assure you that the problem has been fully dealt with now, sir."

"How do you mean?"

"Well me and my friend were having a fight, you see. She stormed off and accidentally caught her hand in the door and it scraped away at her knuckles so she was bleeding. She just fixed herself up and I took a shower. All better now."

"Well there's still this blood out here. Quite a lot, wouldn't you say?"

"It's not terribly pleasant is it? I'll get it cleaned up as soon as possible, promise."

"Is your friend about?" he asked, trying to look into the flat.

"She's just cleaning up." she opened the door fully and he understood why she had been hiding. He blushed slightly, something she thought was rather cute. "You could come in and wait for her if you want. I could make you a cup of tea or something."

"I. That's. I don't think that's necessary, madam. Thank you for your time."

With that, he retreated quickly. Rosie shut the door with satisfaction.

Then she remembered her problem.

Firstly though, she decided to put her clothes back on.

The End

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