Chapter 51: SpirallingMature

Rosie was sure that she had made the right decision. After what she had just heard, she knew that if she hadn't done anything, then they both would have regretted it.

Lollie was still in shock. She hadn't expected those words to come out of Taylor's mouth. Especially not "I forgive you."

Taylor's spirit was sad; she had been looking forward to living in that apartment-  it had a lovely view from the balcony. She didn't mind though. She could move on.

* * * * *

A few minutes earlier...

"Now Lollie, you need to hear this. Clive is here."

"I know."

"But there's more! He isn't alone."


"I can feel it. It's happening."

"Stay with me for one more minute Taylor! Who else is out there?"

"I forgive you Lollie. Good luck!"


And Taylor was gone. Her body dropped to the floor gracelessly. Rosie held back the tears and took the arms of the corpse, dragging her into her flat, slamming the door behind her.

* * * * *

"You are sick."

"You know, my dear Beverly, you aren't the first to say that and I highly doubt that you'll be the last."

"Why? Why do you do it?"

His smiled grew and he inched forward, getting so close to the weak Bev that she could feel his breath on her neck. He whispered only one word: "Joy."

* * * * *

Suzy was confused.

She lay on the floor, squirming in agony. She needed a friend. She needed help.

But she was in no fit state to find any.

She curled up into a ball and cried, feeling the pain travel all through her body.

* * * * *

"I have a body in my living room! What the hell can I do about it?"

"Well it will decay so it will smell in here."

"Thanks. Very useful.

"So bury it. Dispose of the body. You're a police woman! Surely you know where a good place to get rid of something like this is."

"I can't believe that I'm going to do this."


They both could hear a voice travelling through the door.

"Hello? I'd like to have a word with the resident. We've had complaints about noise and there's blood out here on the floor. You'd better open up."

The police.

Rosie swore.

* * * * *

Bev shuddered in sheer disgust as she watched Clive straigten up and crick his neck.

A defiant voice came from across the room.

"You can't hurt us any more." It was Christina. "I won't let you."

It was then that Clive unleashed his fury on her.

She screamed for minutes on end.

Then the screaming died.

"Well I didn't see that coming!" he shouted in excitement.

"You didn't have to kill her!"

"It was clearly what she wanted. And I didn't kill her. I eradicated her. Dispersed her. Destroyed her soul. Whatever you want to call it."

"What? How could she have wanted that?"

"She had experienced what you're about to. Maybe once I'm done with you, you'll understand what she went through."

Bev took a deep breath.

* * * * *

Suzy could barely speak. All she said before she passed out was:

"It wants revenge."

The End

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