Chapter 49: InstinctMature

Lollie could feel her legs giving in as the wind whipped taunts around her head. "You're never going to make it," it mocked. Her memory conjoured an image of his face. Eyes dark and unforgiving. She could almost taste the alcohol on his breath, though it had been years since she had last come across him.

Lollie turned onto a dark alleyway, shaking the image from her brain. This wasn't him. This was someone new. Someone who wanted to hurt her. She wouldn't let them.

She turned as the footsteps grew louder and louder. She would face them head on. She wouldn't lose.

The woman turned the corner onto the alleyway and stopped to catch her breath, "Wait," she wheezed, "I have to tell yo--" The last thing she saw of this world was the glint of a knife in a dark alleyway. She stumbled down into the deep, crying out.

* * * * *

A bang at the door snapped the women out of their daze. "I thought she was going to hurt me," Lollie said, guiltily, "But she wanted to help." she gulped.

Rosie nodded and reached out to the girl to pat her shoulder, "Wait.." she said, confused, causing Lollie to turn her head, "Can I touch you.. or will I just.. go through you?"

Lollie rolled her eyes, "I can make you be able to touch me," she smiled, "Now.. shall we?"

The End

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