Chapter 48: Buried SecretsMature

Lollie pressed her back up against the door.

"You can't let her in!"

"Would you at least explain to me who she is first?"


Rosie just shook her head.

"I was hoping for a little bit more this time!"

"Well her name is Taylor and she is dead."

"Oh I'm so confused. She's dead too?"

Lollie just nodded, with a wise smile on her face.

"Oh you are enjoying this too much Lily! But you two... There's something different about you both."

"Yeah. You see, there aren't just ghosts like me out there. When you die and come back, there are a number of different ways that you can do so. The easy one is to remain as a spirit. However, the more common one is to go back to your body. Of course, if you've been cremated, that's a little difficult! Try inhabiting some ashes!"

"Wait. So which one is she out there?"

"I haven't finished my list yet!"

"Lollie. Is this really the time for that?"

"Fair point. She evidently found her body. You can see the cracks under her eyes that look like massive bags. That's the clue."

"So she's not just massively deprived of sleep?"

"Definitely not. Now she was one of the lucky few. She must have got back to her body before they buried her. Otherwise, she'd have been a little stuck."

"So you're telling me..."

"That lots of people who decide to be buried could very well be knocking on their coffins, wanting to get out? Yes that's possible."

"Oh god."

"It's not that bad though! They just have to pass on a message or do something. Nothing nasty."

"So no Night of the Living Dead?"

"Not another one, no. Well as far as I'm aware anyhow."

"Another one?"

"Time and place?"

"So what do we do?" Rosie looked concerned, which was fair to say that somebody who should be dead had just knocked on her door and wanted to have a chat with her ghost friend.

"Take the message and watch as she dies again."


"That's the down-side. If you inhabit your body, whenever you do what you've got to do, you have to die again."

"I can't watch that."

"You get used to it." Lollie looked solemn.

"What do you mean? I mean it's my job to look at dead bodies in the hope that whoever killed them left some piece of evidence there or something, but I can't stand here and watch somebody die on my doorstep!"

"Then you'll need to get used to it."

"What's it like, being dead?"

"Not as bad as you think."

"Have you had much experience with the dead?"

"In my line of work, you meet lots of them." Lollie smirked.

"Have you seen anybody get killed?"

"Yes. More than that."

"What do you mean?"

"I killed somebody."


Lollie looked to Rosie.

"Let me tell you the story."

The End

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