Chapter 46: Swapping notesMature

"How's the case of those girls going?" Lollie said nonchalantly, not really caring. She knew that the case would be wrapped up soon enough and her new companions would move on, leaving her alone again. She sighed at the thought.

Rosie  looked up, interested. "You know them?"

Lollie nodded, "I was there... at the fairground."

Rosie sat up in her chair, eager to learn what Lollie has seen and heard on the night.

* * * * *

Beverly stood up and reached out for Suzy's hand. "C'mon, Suze, let's get away from here."

Suzy looked up at her friend and smiled, taking her hand and pulling herself up. She let Beverly lead her down the familiar streets and alleyways of the town that she'd spent years living in. After a while of walking, Beverly stopped in front of her.

"What's--" Suzy started before Beverly shushed her.

Somewhere close to where they were came a voice. It was deep and menacing and sent chills down the girl's spines.

"When did you say your friends were coming? I just can't wait to finally meet them and get to know them."

The End

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