Chapter 43: Short Lived ReunionMature

Aaron was sat in her doorway when the cab arrived. After swearing under her breath, she payed the driver and got out of the car, watching Lollie follow her.

"Be good."

"What will I do? I'm dead."

"You know..." Rosie looked a little defeated. "Poltergeists."

"You know I'm here. You'll see whatever I do."

"Fair point"

"Where the hell have you been?" Aaron went on to explain how he had been so worried when she had disappeared and not answered his calls and so he had rushed to her apartment, breakng a fair few driving laws on the way.

"I took a cab. It's cheaper."

"Not by much!" Lollie slipped in, sniggering to herself.

Rosie took her key out and went into the apartment, dropping it into a bowl with a satisfactory clang. Aaron had already gone into the lounge area by the time Lollie stepped through the door.

"For a second there I thought that I'd have to invite you in. You know, with vampires."

"Just looking. And thanks. Thanks a lot."

"Does that mean vampires are real?" Rosie stared intently at the ghost who simply tapped her nose knowingly.

"I'm making coffee. Interested?"

The one thing that Rosie had noticed recently was how annoying Aaron's voice was. She looked to Lollie, biting her lower lip. The younger woman nodded in agreement and so Rosie started a rather loud argument which ended in Aaron going.

"Now we can talk."

The End

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