Chapter 41: The Morning AfterMature

Aaron was up early. He stretched before checking on Rosie, who was still asleep. He smiled weakly before nipping down the corridor to the nearest exit. As soon as he was outside, he lit up a cigarette. He knew that he shouldn't start smoking again, but he thought that the circumstances allowed for it. He enjoyed every little second of it more than he thought he should, before returning to her room, conscious of the smell.

But he was shocked to find the bed empty. Her clothes and personal belongings had all gone. Only her hospital robe remained, thrown carelessly over the bed. He picked it up, only to throw it back down in frustration; he had been minutes, if that. He had to find her. He couldn't have her ruining things again.

* * * * *

Christina woke up in that same dark room as she had lost consciousness in that previous night. Her body ached all over and she felt like just giving in. She felt a single tear roll down her face before she realised that she wasn't alone.

Clive delicately stroked her face, only for her to retreat in disgust. He wiped the tear away from her face, licking his finger after. All she could do was shudder.

"Good morning. Sleep well?"

"Can I leave?"

"No. You stay here now. With me."

* * * * *

Lollie had barely slept. She had chosen to stay on the bench outside the hospital, holding the necklace in her hand. She needed to talk to Rosie, desperately.

* * * * *

Rosie had woken up about fifteen minutes before Aaron but had stayed still, pretending to be asleep until he left the room. Knowing that she probably only had seconds, she jumped out of bed and removed the gown, looking down at her body. She quickly smiled for reasons that she was ashamed to admit before grabbing her clothes and putting them on as quickly as possible.

The first thing that ran through her head was to head home - have a shower, put on some fresh clothes and then catch a killer. She had it all figured out. She quickly shoved everything into her bag before doing a quick scan of the room. As soon as she knew that she had everything, she exited.

She ducked into another corridor when she saw Aaron coming, before running down the corridor and out into the open air. She took a deep breath before hailing a cab. The man merely asked her where to go before plugging his iPod into his ears, becoming completely oblivious to what was happening in the back of the cab.

"I can see you, you know."

Lollie looked over at Rosie innocently.

"I just wanted to talk." Lollie smiled and received the same smile from Rosie.

"Same, but first, can I have my necklace back?"

The End

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