Chapter 39: Being Pulled in Multiple DirectionsMature

"Now, everybody shut up."

Lollie was still visibly shaken, but she was detemined as well. Bev liked that, keeping her mouth shut and looked at her with a smile. Suzy just sat there silently, tapping her foot nervously.

"I appreciate that you are new to this,"

"You could say that!" Christina, on the other hand, refused to keep quiet.

"But I have something very important that I need to do. You three can do whatever you like, just stay out of trouble."

"Who was that bloke you were with?"

"Not only is he none of your business, but you are to stay away from him, do you understand?"

They could all hear the terror in her voice and so nodded.

"That police woman saved me from... Well a fate worse than death. I need to talk to her."

"So what do we do?" Christina again.

"You can either look around, maybe try to find whoever did this to you, ask them why, find inner peace and move on, you could stay here and sulk, or you could have a go on the helter skelter. Okay, maybe not that last one."

"Who died and made you leader, Lol?"

"I did. I've lived here for quite some time so I know how it all works. Just stay safe. I'll be back in a day or two."

"A day or two?" Christina. Again.

"We'll be fine thanks, Lollie." Bev smiled reassuringly.

"Thank you. See you soon!"

And with that, Lollie ran off towards Rosie as they loaded her onto an ambulance with Aaron following like an eager dog. The door shut and the three girls watched the vehicle drive off.

It was then that Christina got up and started to walk off.

"Where are you going?" Bev sounded concerned, despite the fact that she couldn't care less what happened to her. It was her fault after all.

"For a little walk. That a problem?"

Bev considered replying but just shook her head and moved closer to Suzy. Christina waltzed off without a care in the world. It was only when she had gone around a couple of corners that she was confronted by a man.

"Who are you?" she asked innocently.

"My name is Clive. I'm dead too. Fancy a drink?"

"Can we drink?" she laughed at her own joke before following Clive into a dark tent. "Where are you taking me, Clive?" She giggled again.

He looked back at her and smiled. So young. So pretty. He stopped moving, but she didn't notice. Within seconds, he had his hand over her mouth.

"Don't scream."

She was trying to at least.

"It's been such a long time since I had any fun. I think it's overdue." Clive smiled, and at that exact moment, every single person related to Christina shivered in fear.

Christina thought that the most painful thing she'd ever experience was dying.

She was wrong. So wrong.

The End

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