Chapter 36: Restricted AccessMature

Beverly walked over to where Susanna was sat, her back against the wall, knees pulled up to her chest. She sat next to her and watched as Christina walked over and sat on the other side of Susanna.

The three girls watched as a van arrived. Two men got out, each jumping out. They went round to the back and pulled out three black bags. "Body bags," Christina said, her voice high and distant. Beverly gulped and Susanna nodded.

* * * * *

"Detective," his voice boomed, "I'm afraid I cannot permit you to return to the scene,"

Rosie frowned and spoke, angrily, "Let's set this straight, sir, this," she motioned to the scene behind the tall man, "is my case. I need to get in there and help out my team."

The man looked down at her and chuckled, "Rosie, you've contaminated the scene twice already. Almost three times," she shudders, remembering her initial reaction to the scene - running away to puke in a bin, missing the bin and covering her shoes in her own vomit, "I'm afraid I can't let you back in there!"

She sighs heavily. "Fine. Can you pass on a message?" the man nods, "Tell them all that if a single one of them talks to them" she nods towards the gaggle of newspaper reporters, photographers and news teams, "they'll regret it."

She walks back to the bench and sits down, sighing.

* * * * *

Beverly puts her arm around Susanna as they watch the van drive off, their bodies all in the back.

"There we go," she says, with a sigh, "that's us.. gone,"

The End

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