Chapter 33: Something to Move on fromMature

Arthur had avoided the whole issue with Clive's death. And the death of the man driving the cart. And that of his friend. He had just sunk back into the shadows and watched the three corpses get carried away with an uncaring face. Only he could see the three spirits left behind, but they were gone in a second, only leaving Clive chance to wink at Arthur. The two others, the ones Arthur didn't know just vanished. Instead, Clive walked quickly away, something that amazed Arthur considering that he had just been trampled to death minutes ago.

He knew that it was time for him to start his part of the plan. He stepped out into the light and looked into the nearby cart. There had been so many of them in the good old days but now there were only ten. Nine. It was getting late so everybody was starting to fall away, sleeping wherever they thought it wise. As Arthur sat by the dying fire, he watched a small figure dart through the darkness.

He picked up a flaming branch and hurled it in that direction, missing the person by mere inches. He didn't even look to his hand, ignoring the burn marks on his aging skin. He quickly got up and stamped out the fire, spitting on the branch afterwards. He pulled a knife from his boot and proceeded.

Clive had told him what he was about to find, but that didn't terribly help him get ready for it. He watched as his sister joined their keeper of animals, Darren. He watched as they both entered his small tent, listening to his sister giggle sweetly as they did. That was the final straw.

He hacked at the fabric of the tent until the wall had been ripped to shreds. He then shut his eyes and stabbed blindly at the two bodies, unsure who he had hit with each lunge. After a minute of fury, he calmed and opened his eyes. There was only blood where once two people had been. But instead of look in horror or shock, Arthur just nodded, knowing he had done the right thing.

He reached into the mess of flesh and grabbed the remains of the body of the man. He lifted it up and, in one final frenzied motion, thrust the blade into the man's right eye, relishing in the popping sound.

And with that, he left the mess and found his horse. He gently stroked it before doing much the same as he had to his sister. Except, the horse made a lot more noise. It woke up the rest of the camp who took arms against Arthur.

"We have to disappear."

"What have you done, Arthur?" one of the others shouted.

"We cannot exist anymore. We need to die."


"Because we all need a fresh start."

"And how will killing us do that?"

"You will go to heaven."

"Arthur, you are mad."

He threw his knife into the chest of one of the smaller men, who fell to the ground almost instantly.

"Thing is, I survive this. And I'll get away with it. Sorry but you are all going to die unhappily."

He pulled a knife from his other boot and killed another of them. Half way there.

"No." was all they replied with and charged at the old man. In seconds, two more were stabbed, one of which was Arthur. His brother had heard him say one last thing before he died though.

"You have to stop Clive. He is going to do terrible things. He's not going to hurt my Lollie any more."

And with that, Arthur died. His plan to betray Clive had failed. Now nobody stood between Clive and what he wanted. Revenge.

The End

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