Chapter 31: Out of VisionMature

As the four girls chattered amongst themselves, the world kept going.

Pretty much everyone was screaming or shouting or crying or all of the above. There was a thin line of police tape holding the crowd back from the garishly painted slide as Detective Rosie Hughes tried her best to push through them. To the crime scene. To her first case.

She'd been at the hairdresser's when she received the call. She hadn't enjoyed making the decision of whether to leave there and then or wait for her good friend, Tom, to finish doing what he does best. So seven minutes later, she jumped into her car and raced off, sirens wailing as she sped down the high street.

After being sick, she examined the bodies more closely. After being sick again, she consulted her forensics team, none of which had anything useful to tell her.




"We can guess."

"Well wait for forensics to figure that out. Why?"

"That's your job, boss."

Rosie had to admit that she hated the smug tone that her underling was talking to her with. She briefly considered giving him a disgusting and cruel job to do as payback, but decided not to sink to his level.

She continued to work her way around the helter skelter, having various people in waterproof clothing tell her what they knew. As she avoided yet another pool of blood, she caught sight of a man standing in plain view just a few metres ahead of her. He was a civilian. He shouldn't be there. But before she had chance to act, someone passed her an id card they had found on one of the bodies. It was covered in blood.

* * * * *

Clive watched the police woman be sick. A little smile crept up on his face. He stepped forwards until he was standing right beside her. He could smell her perfume mixing with perspiration and tiny flecks of sick that had got caught in her hair. He stared straight into her deep blue eyes and laughed.

With one swift motion, he stepped through her body, turning as he did so. He watched her convulse and shiver before licking his lips and approaching the first body. He knelt down and was about to lick a little of the blood from her face when he heard the girls talking.

He pressed himself up against the helter skelter without passing through and edged around it, aware that they would be able to see him due to their recent departure from the living world. The four girls were young, just how he liked them. He recognised one of them straight away; it was sweet little Lily. He stopped himself from growling in pleasure and slowly crept away from them.

He knew what he had to do. Divide and conquer.

Who said you can't kill a ghost? Clive smiled and relished as the whole world shivered.

* * * * *

Detective Rosie Hughes was sick once more as she convulsed in fear. It felt like somebody was walking over her grave. No, it felt like someone was jumping on it, over and over. She fell to the floor and shook. This just made people shout and scream even more, and this time Rosie was the one crying. She could hear him laughing, see him smiling.

She really didn't want to die. Not knowing that he was on the other side.

The End

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