Chapter 29: The Eternal FallMature

Beverly was falling. By this time, she had stopped screaming - it was getting old.

* * * * *

Lollie wiped away the last of her tears and looked at the body on the floor. Well, what was left of it at any rate.

'Let's just hope she doesn't come back to life' thought Lollie, shuddering at the thought.

* * * * *

Christina was falling, but she didn't have far to go. Well, not really. But it was far enough. It was the whole sliding thing she wasn't terribly fond off - it was rather painful.

* * * * *

So Lollie turned around. Big mistake. There was another one of them. Blood was smeared all over her clothes, all over her body. It was just generally everywhere. Like some flood of crimson. It was spreading.

Lollie took a step away.

* * * * *

Susanna saw it all coming. She had been the last. She watched one get pushed backwards into a nasty mess of metal. She watched one get sliced open before being pushed forwards. She knew she was next. But it didn't scare her as much as she thought it would - it wasn't a surprise.

So as the two hands gripped her neck and she felt her airways get squeezed shut, she didn't even shake. Well, not too much. The hands were strong, they shook her body into a limp, lifeless state.

She was just left there.

* * * * *

Lollie didn't know where to look. One girl had been broken. One had been opened up. One had been treated like a ragdoll.

All centered around the Helter Skelter.

The End

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