Chapter 27: RebirthMature

Sophie was crying. Sat on her bed, alone and in tears, it wasn't going terribly well for her.

"I want it back."

She wasn't supposed to be crying. Lollie had told her time and time again to stop trying to be alive. To stop doing what they did. And crying had been the first thing she had said. It made Sophie laugh a little. Only a little though.

"Hey babe,"

It was Finn. He was in her room, crying. Snap.

"I miss you, Soph."

"I miss you too, Finn."

He looked shocked and stepped backwards in fear, losing his balance when he hit the bed.

"Who said that?" His voice shook.

"It's me Finn! Your Soph! I'm right beside you!"

And with that, he saw her and he took her hand in his.

"How can you be here?"

"Don't ask me questions I don't know the answer to."

He smiled as a long lost memory reared its head in his mind. She didn't really know what, but she smiled too.

"Are you alright?"

"Well, despite being on the other side, I'm fine Finn. How are you?"


"Well you shouldn't be. You've got me right here. Helping every step of the way."

"But you're..."

"You can still see me though."

"I can't be without you Soph."

"Well Finn, I'm not going anywhere. We're going to live. Together."

"Thank you for staying."

"I just have to ask my friend to do me a favour, then we can move on."

"Together." Finn smiled.

"Forever." Soph smiled back.

The End

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