Chapter 26: The Travelling CircusMature

"You'd be surprised!"

Clive wasn't looking even remotely impressed but that didn't stop Arthur from going on and on.

"The things I saw! Stays with you!"

The two men sat on the bench, watching the world slowly pass by. Very slowly. Occasionally, a horse and cart would casually rattle past, with the driver giving them a nod but beyond that, they were alone.

"Shut up Arth." Clive sounded annoyed.

"Not the time?"

"You know it isn't!"

"So we have to talk about your grand plan. Even though you have thought this through countless times and explained it to me half of them."

"Would you care to explain it then?"

Arthur remained silent. Another, larger cart appeared on the horizon.

"Doesn't look like there's any time to now, does there?"

Clive picked himself up from the bench and quickly turned to his carriage. He took the knife from his pocket and cut the two horses free. He watched sadly as they ran away, getting further and further away with every passing second, before disappearing from view completely.

"I can still see them. The white hair."

"Well Arthur, it's time. Keep watching the horses. You know what you have to do, yes?"

"I am a competent man, Clive,"

Clive stepped away from the older man, turning to face him one last time.

"Just don't die first, eh?"

The galloping of the horses was much louder now - the cart was racing along the road with another following behind.

"Like clockwork." Clive smiled a sad smile.

* * * * *

Sally laughed.

"They're never going to catch us!"

Dean smiled at his accomplice.

Then, he pushed her from the speeding cart, just spotting her body hit the road and her neck snap on impact before returning his gaze to the road ahead.

That's when he saw the circus. For some inexplicable reason, a travelling circus had decided to set up in the middle of nowhere. There were two men by the road, both in some sort of fancy dress. Dean dismissed it in seconds. He checked behind him; he was breaking away. He was safe.

* * * * *

Clive stepped into the path of the horses.


He died without a tear on his face and a plan in his head.

Arthur wasn't surprised.

The End

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