Chapter 25: Burial RitesMature

There was nothing but mist.

Finn could barely see the coffin as it was lowered into the ground. He was stood a far distance away from everyone else - hidden away behind a tree watching the love of his life disappear forever. He was crying.

Sophie was stood next to her parents, both weeping. She almost smiled at her mother whose make-up was running down her face and was now dripping to the floor more than her tears. Her father had to walk away; he knew that breaking down in the privacy of his own car would be preferential.

She watched her body descend into the ground. It was a surreal experience that worried her but she knew it would give everyone else peace. Even though it wouldn't for her.

To them, she was gone and wasn't coming back.

To her, she was still around.

She was holding her mother's hand.

"Bye mum." she whispered.

"Bye Soph." she replied. 

The End

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