Chapter 24: Another DeathMature

The fairground had moved on. The police had acknowledged what had happened as an accident. The media circus had found a newer, larger story to tell. Everyone went back to life as if nothing had happened. Again.

Lollie had hated the fact that they had forgotten her but she had become used to it. Sophie seemed to act like she hadn't noticed but inside she was falling apart. Finn had been taken on holiday to help him recover so she was alone. Just her and Lollie.

Over the next few months, she spent a fair amount of time in the graveyard talking to others; as much as she may have loved Lollie, she wanted someone new to talk to. One day she sat next to the body of the old woman and just talked to her, hoping her spirit would come and help them.

It never did.

Lollie haunted the fairground. She had become increasingly frustrated lately and was taking her anger out on the living. She had pushed over benches as people were about to sit on them. She had tipped full rubbish bins on people's heads. She didn't realise how much trouble she was causing.

It was nearing the end of the day, also the end of the week. The fairground was now practically empty so she used all of her force to shove a weak bench across the ground. It flew througrh the air and crashed into the rusty ferris wheel. The bench almost disintegrated, leaving splinters and other shards of wood on the floor. But most of the damage had been to the joints of the ferris wheel.

The following morning when they turned the ferris wheel on, it collapsed. The frame just about held but dropped the wheel itself, crushing the grass beneath it. It rolled away.

Lily was on the other side of the ground but even she heard that sound.

The sound of death.

The End

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