Chapter 22: Being Stoned and Giving BirthMature

"What was that?" Lily demanded.

"I call them ghost stones. They're very clever."

"How did it make me human?"

"It didn't. Its just a trick. An illusion. The way the light refracts through the rock changes how you see things. Not how anyone else does though."

"So it's just a party trick?" Lollie was very unimpressed.

"It got your attention."

"You didn't need to deceive us to achieve that. How do you plan to help us?"

"I can help you to move on."

"What are you? Some sort of psychic? A spiritualist?"

"I prefer the term exorcist."

"Never liked the film. Nor you." Lily's dry voice filtered through her mouth, leaving only a slight smile behind.

"Give me your hand." the old woman stretched hers out, her frail bones creeking.

"No." Her smile widened in her defiance. The woman stepped forwards quickly, lunging for the ghost. Lollie stepped away and watched the old woman fall to the floor. "Gonna lock me up in one of your little stones?"

The old woman's breathing had quickened but Lily took no notice. Instead, she used her mental force to pick up the stone holding the other non-living. She threw it hard against a nearby monument, smashing the stone into lots of little pieces.

Lollie gasped as she realised that she had done the wrong thing. It hadn't released the spirit; only shattered it. But instead of the little pieces coming together to form one larger being, each little splinter of the original self became lots of little new selves. But they were all slightly different.

"Baby ghosts." Lily said, smiling properly for the first time since she had died. As much as she loved the schadenfreude she had experienced, she preferred to see that happiness that was before her.

The world was improving.

Not for the old lady though.

The End

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