Chapter 21: HelpMature

Sophie watched as Lollie negotaitated with this mysterious figure. The darkness covered the persons face but they sounded quite old and frail. Sophie guessed it was a woman. She was not very tall and seemed to have a mild hump

"I can help you" the woman gasped again, her voice sounding tired and weary. Sophie approached as the woman rumagged through her bag. Amber followed once the item was in clear sight. She held a golden coloured rock in her hand, the moonlight illuminated its textured surface making it look magical, "Hold it!"

Before Lollie could protest the rock was in her hand. The trio of ghosts gasped in horror as Lollie moved around her human hand. The rock slid off in the movement and the hand dissapeared back into its ghostly form.

"H-How?" this was all Lollie could master. Lollie had always seen so grown up and strong, now she was bemused and baffled. 

"Just follow me" the woman replied shuffling back the way she had come "And bring the rock with you"  

The End

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